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Photo: A poster in the MU helps spread the word This image comes from the video, "You Are the Target"

New videos for UC Davis amp up your information security awareness in less than an hour

Keeping ahead of hackers, ID thieves and malware just became easier at UC Davis, now that the campus has bought access to a set of short, engaging and updated security videos from the SANS Institute, a company known for its high-quality IT security training. The videos help meet campus requests for improved security training, and are the first step of a larger security awareness program now in its planning stages.

The training is meant for everyone at UC Davis. Watching the core videos takes about 45 minutes, and can greatly reduce your odds of getting mugged online. In this Q&A, Dewight Kramer--information security consultant and coordinator of the Security Awareness Training Program--and Information Security Manager Tye Stallard lay out the details.


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App developers from throughout UC Davis are invited to attend two days of training at the end of July on secure application development.

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This summer is still a good time to switch to eduroam for UC Davis wireless access, although moobilenetx--the service it is replacing--will be around awhile longer.

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Scriba, which hosts the SmartSite learning management system for UC Davis, missed its deadline of restoring the service by 11 a.m. today after taking it offline late on May 20 for emergency maintenance.

Emergency maintenance: SmartSite will be unavailable from 9 p.m. Friday, 5/20, through 11 a.m. Monday, 5/23
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Scriba, which hosts SmartSite for UC Davis, told UC Davis Thursday afternoon that the company is taking SmartSite offline this weekend for emergency maintenance. SmartSite will be unavailable from 9 p.m. Friday, May 20, until 11 a.m. Monday, May 23 (all Pacific time).

Switch to eduroam soon, because moobilenetx is retiring on June 15
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The campus is retiring the moobilenetx wireless network on June 15. If you haven't moved to eduroam yet, it's time to do so.

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Banner is switching to Duo for second-factor log-in
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Exit Safeword, enter Duo.

This spring or summer, approximately 1,100 individuals (mostly staff members) who have access to the Banner Student Information System will move from Safeword to Duo Security as their two-factor authentication service. They will be transitioned in groups, and will receive an email with instructions before it's their turn to move.

2016-17 computer specs for students now posted
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You're a student at UC Davis, and you're getting a computer--maybe something from a store, maybe a machine brought from home. What features should it have to support the work you'll do here?

Campus moves to protect printers from unwanted messages
Posted 04/18/16
UC Davis is taking steps to shield printers on campus from unwanted messages sent from off-campus locations.

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