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Photo: A poster in the MU helps spread the word A sample of the Aggie Feed information stream

New Aggie Feed collects notices from all over campus into one activity stream
Posted 9/24/13

When the new MyUCDavis student services portal debuts on Oct. 1, the campus will also get its first look at Aggie Feed--a new way to distribute and receive information about campus events.

Aggie Feed is an activity stream, similar to Twitter but without the focus on social interaction or 140-character limit. As the service develops, departments, authorized personnel and campus organizations will be able to post items to Aggie Feed, and use it as a real-time stream of information gathered from many campus sources.


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Message to campus about Heartbleed Internet security bug
Posted 04/11/14
Earlier this week, we issued a communication alerting the campus community about a serious Internet security vulnerability known as the Heartbleed bug. We have moved swiftly to remediate the risk at UC Davis, to the point that we can now recommend you change your Kerberos passphrase to minimize risks to you and to the community.

New IT status page debuts
Posted 04/11/14
As planned, Information and Educational Technology released its upgraded IT status website on Tuesday. The site displays the operating status of important UC Davis services including SmartSite, email, and authentication.

Campus assesses 'Heartbleed' Internet security risk
Posted 04/09/14
You might have seen media reports today about the "Heartbleed" Internet security lapse. We are assessing the risk to UC Davis systems and assets, and have begun to fix the problem on campus.

IET's after-hours Virtual Lab gains a more memorable URL
Posted 04/07/14
One of the handiest computer lab services on campus is now a little easier to find online.

End of XP on April 8 presents an 'everyone problem' to campus, faculty, students, staff
Posted 03/17/14
On the surface, Windows XP will look the same on April 9 as it will on April 8. But behind the scenes, criminals and hackers will be quickly moving in.

New status page will make it easier to track IT outages
Posted 03/13/14
On April 8, Information and Educational Technology will release major improvements to status.ucdavis.edu, the campus website that displays the operating status of important UC Davis services including SmartSite, email and authentication.

If you're still using XP software, stop by April 8
Posted 03/09/14
Now that Microsoft is ending maintenance for its Windows XP software, UC Davis needs to stop using it too.

IT Express changes hours, adds new resources
Posted 02/20/14
Faculty, students and staff who contact the IT Express Service Desk for help with campus tech services now have helpful new ways to connect.

Jan. 10-11 campus service/email outages have been identified, fixed
Posted 01/14/14
The problem that disrupted campus email and web services during separate outages last week, first on the afternoon of Jan. 10 and again on the morning of Jan. 11, has been identified and solved.

Campus adds two computer classrooms in Shields
Posted 01/02/14
The need for more classes that satisfy upper-division writing requirements has led to the addition of two new computer classrooms in the basement of Shields Library.

It's a go: SmartSite installs new user portal Dec. 21
Posted 12/19/13
The final rounds of testing went well, so the SmartSite team will install an improved "neoportal" for the campus learning management system, as planned, starting at 12:30 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 21.

Watch out for 'Help! I'm stranded,' and other cyber-risks of the season
Posted 12/12/13
Before you leave campus for year-end events and celebrations, a word of advice: Keep alert for seasonal online security risks and scams that target places like mobile shopping apps and your email inbox.

Adobe breach has lessons for UC Davis passphrase security
Posted 12/12/13
Hackers stole account information for about 150 million Adobe customers this fall. Thousands of people at UC Davis use popular Adobe products like Photoshop and Acrobat, which raises the question: What was the impact of the breach on campus?

IT Express will close for Thanksgiving, but you can always check xbase
Posted 11/22/13
The IT Express Computing Services Help Desk will reduce its hours during the long Thanksgiving weekend, but anyone who needs its help during the holiday can still tap its online library of more than 1,000 help documents.

Coming soon, a new look for SmartSite
Posted 11/22/13
During winter break, SmartSite is scheduled to adopt a redesigned user portal that is easier to use than the current version, especially on small screens.

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End of XP on April 8 presents an 'everyone problem' to campus, faculty, students, staff (March 18, 2014)

Jan. 10-11 campus service/email outages have been identified, fixed (Jan. 14, 2014)

IT Express changes hours, adds new resources (Feb. 20, 2014)

Adobe breach has lessons for UC Davis passphrase security (Dec.12, 2013)

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