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Photo: A poster in the MU helps spread the word This image comes from the video, "You Are the Target"

New videos for UC Davis amp up your information security awareness in less than an hour

Keeping ahead of hackers, ID thieves and malware just became easier at UC Davis, now that the campus has bought access to a set of short, engaging and updated security videos from the SANS Institute, a company known for its high-quality IT security training. The videos help meet campus requests for improved security training, and are the first step of a larger security awareness program now in its planning stages.

The training is meant for everyone at UC Davis. Watching the core videos takes about 45 minutes, and can greatly reduce your odds of getting mugged online. In this Q&A, Dewight Kramer--information security consultant and coordinator of the Security Awareness Training Program--and Information Security Manager Tye Stallard lay out the details.


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Time to shut Windows 2003 at UC Davis
Posted 05/22/15
UC Davis needs to remove another outdated operating system from machines that connect to the campus network. This time the target is Windows Server 2003.

2015 IT Security Symposium sells out
Posted 05/08/15
This year's IT Security Symposium at UC Davis, scheduled for June 16-17, has sold out.

Survey says myucdavis users want MyView to be default view
Posted 05/08/15
This spring, Information and Educational Technology asked staff and faculty to take a quick survey to help set priorities for new tiles and functions to add to myucdavis this year. The survey was open for three weeks, and drew 266 responses.

Moobilenet shuts down, ucd-guest expands
Posted 05/05/15
As planned, UC Davis retired the old moobilenet wireless service last night, while simultaneously expanding the ucd-guest wireless service to the entire Davis campus.

Campus is expanding ucd-guest, ending moobilenet
Posted 04/17/15
On May 5, two significant changes will occur to the wireless network on the Davis campus--the expansion of a new guest wireless service, and the retirement of moobilenet.

IT Security Symposium is filling up
Posted 04/17/15
If you're thinking of going to this year's IT Security Symposium at UC Davis, don't wait much longer to decide. The conference, which occurs June 16-17, is about two-thirds sold out.

You have 1 new message: Campus is moving to a new voice-mail service
Posted 04/10/15
Back when UC Davis installed its current voice-mail system, campus phones were wired and analog. Smartphones didn't exist.

Vendor apologizes for extended SmartSite outage
Posted 04/06/15
The company that hosts SmartSite for UC Davis has apologized for the outage that made the UC Davis course-management system unavailable for 31 hours late last week.

Registration opens for 2015 IT Security Symposium
Posted 03/25/15
One session will dissect well-known security breaches, and discuss what they mean for UC systems. Another will review the current cyber-threat landscape relevant to UC Davis and the Sacramento area.

What do you want to add to myucdavis?
Posted 03/20/15
The group that manages myucdavis is asking you to take a quick survey that will help them identify which features to add next for faculty and staff.

Data Center gives new meaning to 'fast'
Posted 02/19/15
Did you notice? Hardware that supports key campus services, including email routing and my.ucdavis.edu, sped up last year by an order of magnitude.

IET upgrading about one-fourth of its wireless access points
Posted 02/17/15
During the first few months of 2015, Information and Educational Technology is replacing about 700 wireless access points (APs) with newer models, at various locations that include the Student Community Center and Memorial Union.

Information security 2015: Get informed, and don't give up
Posted 02/13/15

Most of us use technology to buy, communicate, share, create, research, record--and, we hope, not see our private information get stolen along the way, despite attacks like the recent Anthem breach. At UC Davis, Chief Information Security Officer Cheryl Washington and Privacy Officer Lynette Temple work to keep campus information secure. In this short Q&A written for Data Privacy Month, they answer a few questions about information security at UC Davis, and offer advice on what you can do to help keep your data private.

It's winter 2015. What is the top current issue in privacy at UC Davis?

Cheryl: Raising awareness.

Lynette: I agree. Since most data security breaches are the result of human error ...

Campus creates UC Davis Academics channel on YouTube
Posted 02/05/15
The campus has created a new YouTube channel focused on academic videos, UC Davis Academics. It contains about 650 videos so far, ranging from small class presentations to a 2011 lecture by Computer Science Professor Dan Gusfield that has logged more than 66,000 views.

Seven-digit dialing begins--authorization code users, please note change
Posted 12/22/14
The campus moved to 7-digit dialing today, as announced. Here's a recap of the two main changes, plus additional information if you use campus authorization codes to charge the cost of phone calls.

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You have 1 new message: Campus is moving to a new voice-mail service (April 10, 2015)

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