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Photo: A poster in the MU helps spread the word A sample of the Aggie Feed information stream

New Aggie Feed collects notices from all over campus into one activity stream

When the new MyUCDavis student services portal debuts on Oct. 1, the campus will also get its first look at Aggie Feed--a new way to distribute and receive information about campus events.

Aggie Feed is an activity stream, similar to Twitter but without the focus on social interaction or 140-character limit. As the service develops, departments, authorized personnel and campus organizations will be able to post items to Aggie Feed, and use it as a real-time stream of information gathered from many campus sources.


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Sharper video, better sound: Upgraded classroom tech arrives in Wellman
Posted 09/17/14
Four classrooms in Wellman Hall are receiving major upgrades to their instructional technology this summer, ranging from touch-screen controls for the instructor to sharp video displays.

Campus wireless users will need to accept new certificate Sept. 2
Posted 08/29/14
UC Davis faculty, students and staff who access the campus wireless networks, MoobileNetX, ResNetX or Eduroam, from their laptops, smartphones or tablets, will be prompted to accept a new security certificate the first time they use their device on either wireless network after 8 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 2.

Project to improve IT customer service wins top UC award
Posted 08/21/14
"Building a Service-Oriented Culture" at UC Davis--a project to improve the quality and organization of IT customer service--has won a Golden Award from the University of California's annual Larry L. Sautter program.

Campus will begin blocking Windows XP on Aug. 27
Posted 08/13/14
As first announced last May, UC Davis will permanently prevent computers that use Windows XP software from accessing the UC Davis network starting on Wednesday, Aug. 27.

Campus web management service moves to IET
Posted 08/01/14
Information and Educational Technology has assumed responsibility for the UC Davis web content management system (Web CMS), a service that helps the campus create and maintain consistent websites.

Laser pointers requested by faculty are now available
Posted 07/29/14
At the request of an Academic Senate subcommittee, Information and Educational Technology is now offering Kensington laser pointers to faculty at no charge.

July 9 service disruption traced to storage problem
Posted 07/11/14
Various campus services, including email, were disrupted for some users for part of Wednesday, July 9, by a problem involving a background data storage service.

Student computer recommendations updated for 2014-15
Posted 07/09/14
The campus has updated its recommended computer configurations for students for 2014-15.

The campus email migration is underway
Posted 07/07/14
Get ready to say goodbye to Cyrus/Geckomail, the central email system that much of the campus has used for several years. UC Davis will retire it, as well as dozens of smaller departmental email systems, as departments move to one of three main options for their email, shared calendars, and related collaboration needs.

Campus releases new UC Davis Mobile app
Posted 06/12/14
UC Davis has released UC Davis Mobile, an official UC Davis app with information about campus life, news and events. It is designed for faculty, students and staff alike.

New service for faculty: 'ucdavis.edu' WordPress websites
Posted 05/14/14
UC Davis faculty who want their own website, where they can publicly display their work and interests beyond what a departmental website might offer, have a new option on campus: Sites that use WordPress and include "ucdavis.edu" in the domain name. The service comes at no charge to faculty.

Help shape the future of SmartSite via survey, May 23 showcase
Posted 05/09/14
If you've ever had an opinion about SmartSite, now is a good time to share it. A new survey is collecting ideas on what the campus needs from a learning management system (LMS) going forward, and a free showcase with three LMS vendors is scheduled May 23 in the Memorial Union.

Still using XP at UC Davis? Expect warnings, login delays
Posted 05/05/14
Anyone still using Windows XP to access the UC Davis network will soon see increasingly pointed reminders when they log in to their campus account, telling them to upgrade to newer software.

Message to campus about Heartbleed Internet security bug
Posted 04/11/14
Earlier this week, we issued a communication alerting the campus community about a serious Internet security vulnerability known as the Heartbleed bug. We have moved swiftly to remediate the risk at UC Davis, to the point that we can now recommend you change your Kerberos passphrase to minimize risks to you and to the community.

New IT status page debuts
Posted 04/11/14
As planned, Information and Educational Technology released its upgraded IT status website on Tuesday. The site displays the operating status of important UC Davis services including SmartSite, email, and authentication.

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