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Photo: A poster in the MU helps spread the word This image comes from the video, "You Are the Target"

New videos for UC Davis amp up your information security awareness in less than an hour

Keeping ahead of hackers, ID thieves and malware just became easier at UC Davis, now that the campus has bought access to a set of short, engaging and updated security videos from the SANS Institute, a company known for its high-quality IT security training. The videos help meet campus requests for improved security training, and are the first step of a larger security awareness program now in its planning stages.

The training is meant for everyone at UC Davis. Watching the core videos takes about 45 minutes, and can greatly reduce your odds of getting mugged online. In this Q&A, Dewight Kramer--information security consultant and coordinator of the Security Awareness Training Program--and Information Security Manager Tye Stallard lay out the details.


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At UC Davis, required cybersecurity training is off to a good start
Posted 11/13/15

Numbers updated Nov. 16

As of mid-November, about 6,000 people at UC Davis had completed the University of California's newly required cybersecurity awareness training. Another 2,100 had begun it.

Required UC training suggests using a 'password manager' ... which means what?
Posted 11/13/15
The advice to consider using a password manager, contained in UC's newly required cybersecurity awareness training, is apparently inspiring more people to ask what a password manager is.

Take a look at aggiefeed's new features
Posted 11/10/15
Campus groups and organizations are catching on to the benefits of aggiefeed, the UC Davis activity information stream created by Information & Educational Technology. Now they'll have more to like with the new features and functions recently added to the service:

Web designer helps professor present 'Audacious Ascetic' tapes to the world
Posted 11/05/15
UC Davis Religious Studies Professor Flagg Miller has written a new book, The Audacious Ascetic, that analyzes more than 1,500 audiotapes that once belonged to the terrorist group al-Qaeda. Anyone who wants to hear excerpts of the tapes can now do so, thanks to a website for the book built by a programmer and web designer in Information and Educational Technology.

Successful payment-card review, new training: Cyber security grows in importance
Posted 10/23/15

If you teach or work at UC Davis, you should have received an email from Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor Ralph J. Hexter on Oct. 16 announcing that UC now requires cyber security awareness training for all faculty, staff, and student employees.

The change is just one of several that are improving the state of information security at UC Davis.

Campus phones to be installed for faculty in HArCS, DSS
Posted 10/09/15
Communications Resources, responding to a need expressed by the Divisions of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies, and the Division of Social Sciences, will install campus phones for faculty in those divisions during the next several weeks.

Oct. 9 showcase delves into online/hybrid courses at UC Davis
Posted 10/02/15

If you're curious about hybrid and online courses at UC Davis, check out the Online and Hybrid Learning Showcase & Workshop Oct. 9 in the Student Community Center.

SmartSite decision due this term
Posted 10/02/15
The campus expects to announce a decision on the future of SmartSite this quarter.

UC Davis Cyber Security Survey returns this fall
Posted 09/25/15
Remember the campus Cyber Security Survey? If you've spent at least a few years in campus technology, you probably do. It assesses the current state of information security at UC Davis.

'Teachnology' for faculty takes center stage Sept. 11
Posted 09/03/15
Faculty who want to learn more about "teachnologies," including some they might not have heard about before, are invited to this year's Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology.

Campus renews Box account through mid-2017; storage is now unlimited
Posted 08/25/15
If you have a UC Davis Box account, you should like this news--the limit on how much data you can store there has been removed.

Decision on future of SmartSite getting closer
Posted 08/24/15
The campus will announce a decision on the future of SmartSite this fall.

UC Davis begins campuswide information security assessment
Posted 08/18/15
UC Davis has hired a consultant to assess the campus's information security posture, look at its current risks, and offer ideas for improvement.

Login page for office365.ucdavis.edu gets a new look on Aug. 6
Posted 08/05/15
If you use Office 365 for your UC Davis email and related services, and access your account via office365.ucdavis.edu, you'll see a different login page starting Aug. 6.

Staff still using Cyrus/Geckomail need to choose a new campus email service by Sept. 1
Posted 07/31/15
The approximately 1,200 staff employees who still use Cyrus/Geckomail as their campus email service need to choose a replacement by Sept. 1. Any staff who haven't will be moved to Office 365 email, which most UC Davis staff already use.

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'Teachnology' for faculty takes center stage Sept. 11  (Sept. 3, 2015)

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